Trunch Parish Council
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          Ordinary Meetings       

     The next Ordinary Parish Council meeting is on 7th July commencing at 7.30pm 
in the Methodist Church Community Room

Neighbourhood Plan for Trunch

   Why a neighbourhood plan?  What can it do for Trunch?

A Neighbourhood plan allows us to work together and build relationships within the community, to help strengthen the pride that we take in how our village develops and grows over a period of time and to influence the planning process regarding how our village looks now and for our future generation.

What's On In Trunch - Summer/Autumn Season

Special Events 

Event - Date - Where -Time - Who to Contact

Swafield Hall Open Gardens - Saturday 26th June Swafield Hall, Swafield Opens 10am Tim Payne 01692 402624

Songs of Praise + Picnic - Sunday 11th July St Nicholas, Swafield 3pm Tim Payne 01692 402624 or Meg Dinnes 01692 402624

Organ Recital – Ashley Grote (Norwich Cathedral) Sunday 11th July St Botolph’s, Trunch 7.30pm Tim Payne 01692 402624

Festival (Services and Walks) - Saturday 17th July Bradfield Church 2pm Tim Payne 01692 402624 + details in local Churches

Pilgrimage Festival (Services and Walks) - Sunday 18th July Bradfield Church 10am Tim Payne 01692 402624 + details in local Churches

Wind in the Willows (The Pantaloons) - Saturday 24th July St Botolph’s, Trunch 4pm & 7.30pm Tim Payne 01692 402624

Mynx Soul Band Concert - Saturday 7th Aug St Nicholas, Swafield 7.30pm Tim Payne 01692 402624

Swafield Hall Open Garden - Sat/Sun 7th / 8th Aug Swafield Hall, Swafield Opens10 am Tim Payne 01692 402624

Combined Church Fetes - Saturday 4th Sept Swafield Hall, Swafield 1pm start Tim Payne 01692 402624

Village Picnic – All Resident Welcome Sunday 12th Sept The Paddock, Trunch TBC Trunch Parish Council

Bach’s Golberg Piano Variations – Rachel Fryer Saturday 25th Sept St Botolph’s, Trunch 7.30pm Tim Payne 01692 402624

Trunch Tree Day – Free trees for residents Saturday 2nd Oct Trunch Village Hall 12 noon – 3pm Trunch PC (Dave Burns 07831 394346)

Tree / Hedge Planting Events - (Volunteers Needed) October – Nov Around Trunch TBC Trunch PC (Dave Burns 07831 394346)

Regular Events

Book Club - 4th Monday each month Trunch Village Hall 2pm – 4pm Mrs H Tyler 01263 720728

Guitar and Uke Lessons - Tuesdays Trunch Village Hall 7pm – 8pm Rob Ward 01263 649675

Guitar and Uke Lessons - Friday Trunch Village Hall 9am – 10am Rob Ward 01263 649675

Knitters and Stitchers - 3rd Monday each month Trunch Village Hall 2.15pm – 4.15pm Mrs V Dagley 01263 721374

Pilates - Wednesday Trunch Village Hall 10.30pm -11.30am Mrs S Powley 07789 456444

Sewing Group - 2nd Monday each Month Trunch Village Hall 9am – 12noon Currently Full

Tae Kwondo - Sundays Trunch Village Hall 10am – 12noon Mr R Underhill 01692 652115

Trunch Table Tennis - Monday and Wednesday Trunch Village Hall 7pm – 10.00/10.30pm

Mr A Robinson 01263 834462 

Yoga - Thursdays Trunch Village Hall 7.30pm – 9pm Mrs V Carmen 01603 266341

Zumba - Tuesdays Trunch Village Hall 10am-11am Mrs J Weston 07411 013943

Zumba Seated - Tuesdays Trunch Village Hall 11.45am – 12.45pm Mrs J Weston 07411 013944


Jane Wisson
Tele:07818 026809 Email:

Brian Boughton
Tele: 07583 943808 Email: