Trunch Parish Council
Parish and Town Councils deal with local issues within their Parish, often raising local concerns with other governmental bodies such as District or County Councils. In terms of powers, they are able to spend their money however they see fit, be it to fund new village signs or play equipment, or partially funding Highways projects. They are responsible for the upkeep of many community assets, such as burial grounds or community centres Parish Councils can also vouch for local interests in planning applications, as they did during the Hornsea III wind farm application process. They are funded in part by funds from their District Council, from Council Tax set by them and from any other revenue streams they have created i.e. rental of Village Halls. City +

District Councils are responsible for Bin Collection, Planning Applications, Housing, Elections and Electoral Registration, Licensing, Environmental Health and much more. They typically span the size of a Parliamentary Constituency, or a whole City or Borough. These councils are funded by council tax and any additional revenue streams they have created i.e. Community Sports Facilities. Some City councils have become Unitary Authorities i.e. Kingston-upon-Hull, meaning that they have the powers of both District and County Councils, do not elect any County Councillors for their county. Norfolk has not taken this step and Norwich City Council is therefore still under Norfolk County Council’s jurisdiction on a number of issues. 

County Council and Unitary Authorities have the most power of any local government bodies. They deal with Highways issues, Education provision, Social Care, transport and other responsibilities outlined in the Local Government Act, 1972. These councils receive funding from central government (although this is set to reduce to zero by 2021/22), as well as Council Tax. Some of this funding, such as education funding, they must pass straight on to a specific body or organisation. Other funding is their own to decide how it is spent, be it on transport subsidies or payments for social care. County Councils were formerly responsible for policing, however, this is now in the power of the Police and Crime Commissioner. The PCC suggests increases or decreases to the PCC council tax precept, which are voted on by County Councillors to approve or reject. The current PCC for Norfolk wants to take control over the Fire service from the County Council, however, this move has been blocked by Norfolk County Council so far.

Call for Contractors/Suppliers

Trunch Parish Council is undertaking a review of it's procurement procedures for the placement of orders/contracts for both minor capital expenditure and maintenance works under the headings of grass/landscaping, tree surgery, building works and general maintenance (including painting). Parties wishing to be considered for inclusion on approved lists of contractors/suppliers should contact the Parish Clerk, Julie Chance, via email at or telephone on 01263 833902.

All contractors must carry public liability insurance, be aware of Health and Safety regulations and adhere to them. Unless they have carried out work for us before, when applying for inclusion on the list they should give us a CV, details and photos of some previous work done, details of training certificates (if any) and the name of at least one referee.

                 Due to the impact of Coronavirus the Annual Meeting scheduled for 6th May 2020 is postponed
                                      and the Parish Council 
Meeting scheduled for 6th May is cancelled.

      Please see the Coronavirus leaflet by clicking on the 'Documents' Tag above and going into sub tag 'Reports'

Clerk: Julie Chance
Pine Lodge, Gimingham Road, Trimingham
NR11 8HP
Email: Tele: 01263 833902