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          Ordinary Meetings       

Due to the impact of Coronavirus, Ordinary Meetings will be by video conferencing using Zoom. 

Any member of the Public wishing to participate in meetings must contact the Chairman to obtain a link to join the meeting using a desk top computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The next meeting is on 3rd March commencing at 7.30pm
        Please see the Coronavirus leaflets by clicking on the 'Documents' Tag above and going into sub tag 'Reports'

Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Parish Council will develop and produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan which will have a legal status in controlling future development within Trunch. A Steering Group has been formed, one task of which is to seek local opinion by recruiting residents to join and assist the Group in progressing the Plan. If you are interested in having a say in the development of the village contact  the Chairman or Councillor Richard Miles (Tele: 01263 721107)

Jane Wisson
Tele:07818 026809 Email:

Brian Boughton
Tele: 01263 720252